John Amaechi Is Gay

John Amaechi played at Penn State and for five seasons in the NBA with Cleveland, Orlando and Utah.

He will announce he is gay in an upcoming book.

The book is entitled “Man in the Middle.

Amaechi, who retired in 2003, will become the first player who has played in the NBA to disclose that they are gay.

Amaechi was born in Massachusetts but raised in England, where he currently is known as a television personality.



  1. See, now, I bet that lots of his teammates had a pretty good idea he was gay. NBA rosters are smaller than in any other major North American sport. It would seem that one random gay guy has less chance of just fading into the background, like one player out of 50 on an NFL team. Teammates could just pick up on some things that would tip them off.

    Which is to say that all this stuff about how a gay pro athlete would be a pariah in his sport is most likey bunk. Straight people can handle gay people in this day and age, even pro athletes.

  2. It is no big deal people. This is 2007 not 1980. We have all grown to accept people are people. PERIOD!

  3. It is a shame that someone had to retire, from the NBA, before he could live his life fully. What is wrong with America today? People should realize that being gay is not something people choose. We are born gay. Don’t all people have a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness? Do people ignore the Pledge of Allegiance, where we say with liberty and justice for all? What part of justice do the people not understand?
    Good for John!

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