Thomas bangs up elbow in victory

The Suns’ charmed status of good health has its first threat with Kurt Thomas slated to undergo a magnetic resonance imaging exam today in Phoenix for a hyperextended left elbow he suffered in Monday’s win.

Thomas could be out for several weeks from trying to brace himself as he fell from a Dahntay Jones foul in the first quarter Monday. Suns head athletic trainer Aaron Nelson said the chief concerns are that he could have ruptured his ulnar collateral ligament and/or damaged muscle or a nerve.

“There’s a lot of tissue in there that you get nervous about,” Nelson said.

Thomas shot his free throws but he left the game a minute later when his elbow quickly swelled.

“I was going up for a layup and a guy was there, kind of under me,” Thomas said. “I was trying to break my fall and ended up hyperextending my elbow.

“I went up and down the court and I felt it start to swell . . . I’m just trying to stay positive and hope it is short term.”

Arizona Republic

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