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Rudy Gay Debuts With the Kings

Rudy Gay Debuts With the Kings

A new chapter.

by × December 14, 2013 ×
Amir Johnson and Rudy Gay Race

Amir Johnson and Rudy Gay Race

Who’s the faster Raptor?

by × October 25, 2013 ×

Rudy Gay Sinks The Nuggets (VIDEO)

As long as he does not mess it up, landing Rudy Gay should go down as the best thing Bryan Colangelo ever did as the Raptors GM. Mark my worlds. If I’m wrong, let’s forget I ever made that statement.

by × February 12, 2013 ×

Rudy Gay Sinks The Pacers (VIDEO)

This Rudy Gay thing keeps looking like a steal by the Raptors more and more each game.

by × February 8, 2013 ×

The Raptors Introduce Rudy Gay (VIDEO)

“Thank you and lets go Raps” – Rudy Gay

by × February 1, 2013 ×
Raptors Get Rudy Gay In Three-Way Trade

Raptors Get Rudy Gay In Three-Way Trade

The Toronto Raptors have agreed in principle to acquire Memphis Grizzlies scorer Rudy Gay, according to several media reports. In return, the Raptors would send point guard Jose Calderon and forward Ed Davis to Memphis. Source told that the [...]

by × January 30, 2013 ×

Served: Rudy Gay Slices, Dices and Slams

On his way to a monster slam, Rudy Gay freezes LeBron with the behind the back crossover dribble and slices down the lane through what’s left of the Heat’s diced up defence.

by × November 12, 2012 ×

Rudy Gay Nails 50-Foot Bank Shot

Rudy Gay ends the 1st quarter with a 50-foot bank shot to narrow the deficit for his Washington Generals…

by × January 27, 2012 ×

Rudy Gay Hits A Ridic Shot

Rudy Gay hits a ridiculous shot from nearly behind the backboard, on an up and under move that you’ll practice a million times in your driveway and still miss a million times.

by × January 20, 2012 ×

Who Has The Better Windmill Dunk?

So who in the league has the best windmill dunk? Is it LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, John Wall, Rudy Gay, DeMar DeRozan, Russell Westbrook, Nick Young, Kenneth Faried, Derrick Williams, Ryan Hollins, Travis Leslie, Terrico White or Jeremy Evans. Enjoy!

by × December 8, 2011 ×