LeBron Buys Stake In Liverpool FC

Despite taking a “pay cut” to play for the Miami Heat, LeBron James remains one of the richest athletes in the world, and the estimated $30M he pockets from the likes of McDonald’s, Nike, Bubbilicious and Coca-Cola helps him keep it that way. However the one thing LeBron lacks is an international identity, and to change that he partnered his sports-marketing firm, LRMR Branding & Marketing with Fenway Sports Group. One immediate perk of that union for the King, a minority stake in Liverpool FC who they also represent and own. LeBron probably realizes just how big English football is internationally, the industry is huge, with many different income streams, take for example sports betting on football in England is pretty big – which is why sites like https://8betting.co.uk/ offer their expertise on where you should be placing your bets and more, LeBron has used this publicity stunt in a very clever way, merging into another sport.

“We believe this will be a powerful collaboration between FSM and LRMR and LeBron. There are very few athletes who can match his global reach, appeal and iconic status,” said Tom Werner. “We are very excited that LeBron will be part of the Liverpool FC family. LeBron and Liverpool each has a powerful presence internationally, with particular strength in Asia, but we feel the business opportunities for both working and being identified together in emerging international markets will result in unforeseen opportunities that neither would have been able to realize alone.”

LeBron James isn’t a huge soccer fan, but he’s a huge fan of LeBron James and this union should be a slam dunk. But if this can’t raise his profile globally, he’ll have to revert to winning multiple championships. In NBA circles, this is also known as the hard way.

H/N Liverpool FC