Shaq Still Does Not Respect Chris Bosh

Shaquille O’Neal once famously referred to Chris Bosh as the “RuPaul of big men“. To most guys that’s a huge slap in the face to their manhood, if you want to get all macho with it. Shaq dropped that dis one year ago, but according to Yahoo! Sports it looks like his respect for Bosh hasn’t budged past RuPaul on his big man ratings still.

“They [Miami] got a great 1-2,” says Shaq, who disdains Chris Bosh so much he refuses to make it three. And then he started listing the Celtics, the long list of young stars and old champions fighting the fade into twilight. “Everyone is young this, young that. I’ve been in [the NBA Finals] six times in the last [16 years] years, and I haven’t seen a young team make it all the way and win it. They may look better, but they don’t do what we do.”

Shots fired, dem’s fighting words in any athletes book! I like the fact that Shaq has so much fire in his belly this early into training camp. It only means Boston will do their part to keep the season interesting in the east. As a blogger, I like that!