France Sans Parker This Summer

Tony Parker has been banged up and bruised with petite injuries all season long. So to avoid that from happening again. Monsieur Parker has elected to straight chill this summer which will keep him off of the French national team headed for the FIBA world games in Turkey on August 28. C’est dommage Les Bleus fans, c’est dommage.

“This season was the first time I’ve had a lot of little injuries. “Next year I want to come back and be 100 percent for the season. It’s a good change because usually I get two weeks and then I go to the national team. At the same time, they’ll [The Spurs] understand I’m not a machine.”

Before he starts working out, Parker plans on enjoying being richer than both of us for a few months with his wife Eva Longoria while soaking up the World Cup. Remind me to leave an angry voicemail for my high school guidance counselor later.