Is Larry Brown The Next Coach Of The Bobcats?

With Bernie Bickerstaff officially not returning to the Charlotte bench in 2007, the Larry Brown speculation has also begun.

“I don’t know about anything right now, and that includes Charlotte,” Brown told Stephen A. Smith on Tuesday, just hours after reports surfaced that Michael Jordan and the Charlotte Bobcats will have a new head coach next season in place of Bickerstaff.

“No one has contacted me. I have no idea what to expect, and I really don’t care, at the moment, because I’m enjoying my life watching the game of basketball, being around a lot of the coaches and just getting my enthusiasm back.

“As far as Charlotte goes, everyone knows I have a very special relationship with Michael. I’ve known him for years. We’re family, and I love him. So saying ‘no’ to him would be almost impossible for me, just because it would be hard for me to say ‘No’ to him about anything. But I haven’t heard anything from him and I have no idea what my future holds.”

Philadelphia Inquirer