Jeremy Lin Was Open to a Knicks Return

Jeremy Lin Was Open to a Knicks Return

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Ahead of the Hornets vs Knicks preseason game in Charlotte, new Buzz City citizen Jeremy Lin who joined Charlotte as an unrestricted free agent was asked by the NY Daily News if he was open to a Knicks return this summer. As it turns out, he was.

“There was no conversation other than them telling me they weren’t interested,” the Hornets point guard told the Daily News ahead of Saturday’s preseason game against the Knicks.

Despite the acrimonious separation, Lin never ruled out a return to the Garden. But the 27-year-old believes those feelings aren’t reciprocated by the Knicks.

“I’ve always been open to it, ever since I, you know, I don’t want to say I necessarily left, ever since (they decided they didn’t want to re-sign me),” Lin said. “But I’ve always been open to it. But I don’t think they’re as open to it.”

Beyond happening in NBA 2K16, a Linsanity sequel seems unlikely in the short term, but if I was a betting man. I would slap down some green on Lin returning before he retires. The demand for Linsanity II is way too high.

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