Russell Westbrook 'Execution' Interview

Russell Westbrook ‘Execution’ Interview

In case you didn’t realize. Russell Westbrook and Marshawn Lynch interview styles are twins.

That second quarter run, why did that change the game?

Execution. Thought we did a good job of executing.

Down the stretch, you and Serge seemed to be in a really great rhythm. What allowed you to be so successful?

Did a good job of execution.

(Question about their small lineup)

It’s good.

Eight assists in fourth quarter. What did you see from them defensively that allowed that?

We did a good job of executing

(From Berry Tramel) Are you upset with something?

Nah. I just don’t like you.

You don’t?


You don’t like Nick (Gallo, Thunder reporter) either?

I love Nick. I don’t like you.

Well you gave us about the same answers.

Yeah. You got another question?

Played a great game. One of your better ones. Is this one of the better ones you can think of in your career?

Good execution.

Seemed like you played with a sense of urgency tonight. Has that been lacking in the past?

Did a good job of executing tonight.

Career-high 17 assists. How do you feel?

Good job of executing tonight.

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