Nikola Vucevic Dunks All Over Pau Gasol

Nikola Vucevic Dunks All Over Pau Gasol

Orlando Magic forward Nikola Vucevic is probably one of the best players you keep forgetting about, but this dunk he had all over Pau Gasol should help remedy that issue.

“That was great, man,” Magic point guard Elfrid Payton said. “I didn’t know he was that athletic. I was so happy. I usually never show emotion, and I even got a little riled up.”

Vucevic downplayed his dunk afterwards.

“Some of the plays before, I missed a couple of shots,” Vucevic said. “I just wanted to get up there and try to finish as strong as I can. I got up high enough. I just wanted to dunk it. It was a good play for our team, and obviously I don’t do it pretty often. So I tried to do a little surprise with my dunk.”

Complete with a Ric Flair “Woo” from the announcer, this dunk will go down as a Vucevic classic.

H/N Orlando Sentinel

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