LeBron James Unfazed By Cavs Poor Start

LeBron James Unfazed By Cavs Poor Start

Despite a bad start to the season that includes a let down loss to the Knick at home and a beatdown by a Blazers on the road. Cleveland Cavaliers superstar LeBron James who was held scoreless during the second half in Portland is pretty much unfazed with his teams growing pains.

“I’m just trying to do other things,” James said. “I’m trying to instill what it takes to win. My mission is not a one-game thing. We have to do multiple things in order to win. We have to share the ball. We’ve got to play defense. We’ve got to sacrifice in order to ultimately win. Obviously, when you’re going through the process, it’s not the best part of it. But I’m looking at the end of the tunnel.”

He thinks it’ll be a couple months before his team puts it together.

“Hopefully not too long. It can go on for a couple of months until we’re all on the same page and know exactly where we need to be both offensively and defensively and we buy in what it takes to win,” James said. “A lot of people get it misconstrued on what it takes to win — just scoring or just going out and trying to will it yourself. It’s a team game. You have to rely on your teammates as well. We will get an understanding of that as time goes.”

Kinda like restoring a 1972 Chevy Caprice.

“I hated the process,” he said. “It got on my nerves. I sent it back to get repainted 100 times. It came back and still wasn’t done. Once it was completely finished, I was excited about it. That’s what it feels like.”

In the east were a sub .500 record can still mean the playoffs. He’s probably right. They’ll be fine.

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