Kevin Love 'It’s On Us' Stop Sexual Assault PSA

Kevin Love ‘It’s On Us’ Stop Sexual Assault PSA

In effort to end sexual assaults on college campuses and to raise awareness. The White House launched a series of PSA’s titled “It’s On Us” which features tons of celebrity star power such as Jon Hamm, Kerry Washington, Common, Questlove and Kevin Love. Per the Washington Post:

“Entitled “It’s On Us,” the initiative aims to shift the culture in which rape is socially acceptable at colleges and universities, White House officials said. One in five women will be sexually assaulted while in college, according to studies, many of them during their first year by someone they know.

President Obama and Vice President Biden will hold an event to kick off the campaign at the White House on Friday morning. Later in the day, Biden will hold a roundtable discussion on domestic violence in Denver.

As part of the new effort, the Justice Department Office on Violence Against Women will also award more than $6 million to 18 colleges with grants to develop comprehensive campus sexual assault prevention and response programs.”

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Kevin Love 'It’s On Us' Stop Sexual Assault PSA

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