Steven Nash Open To Joining The Miami Heat


At 38 years young, Steve Nash is leading the league in assists and could easily play a few more seasons with a team looking to put themselves over the top. Like say, the kinda hated Miami Heat who Nash said he would be open to joining today on the Dan Patrick Show as a free agent given the right circumstances.

“I’d listen,” Steve Nash said. […] “I love what they’re doing there. A lot of people don’t like them because they put all that talent together. But they’re professional, they play hard, they play together. Their coaching staff has done a great job. So, I have a tremendous amount of respect for them, and I would definitely listen.”

The Suns seem to be saying all the right things about reloading their roster, but lets face it. With the West being what it is, Phoenix has an uphill battle for even hopes of another conference finals return. So will Nash be taking his talents to South Beach? For the right price, I’m thinking hell yeah.

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