Showbiz & KG x Showbiz & KL ‘SLAM’ Cover

For the 157th double cover of SLAM out now. The editors decided to pay homage to their 21st cover from 1997, that featured the Timberwolves first young dynamic duo¬†Stephon Marbury and Kevin Garnett, with the caption “Showbiz & KG” by using the current TWolves duo Ricky Rubio and Kevin Love in the same poses with the caption “Showbiz & KL”.

Down to the backwards visor Love wears like Garnett and the watch Rubio wears like Marbury. These covers are as good as it gets and I can’t help not getting giddy about the concept.

See the 1997 original cover and listen to the hip-hop group Showbiz and AG who inspired all of this below.

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