Freshly Dipped: Bonafide Icon ‘Bullet Dodgers’ Tee

I really don’t think when former owner Abe Pollin changed Washington’s team name from the Bullets to the Wizard in 1995, that it had anything to do with curbing the high homicide and crime rate that existed in D.C. of the 90’s. However, if the team’s name was the “Washington Crack Epidemics“, there would be more of a correlation.

At any rate, this cool tee from Bonafide Icon would have been a fine compromise for D.C. as it combines the LA Dodgers logo with the Bullets logo to promote “Bullet Dodging” which would have also drastically reduced the high homicide rate. I’m just connecting the dots people.

Check out the ‘Bullet Dodgers’ tee in blue below.

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