Ivan Johnson Fast Facts

Since you now know, love and enjoy 27-year old Hawks rookie Ivan Johnson so much. It’s about time you knew some quick facts about this mystery man who has the internet going nuts and the Miami Heat game planning to stop in the future. I don’t know about you, but I’m sure glad the league finally has it’s own meaner Chuck Norris.

*At 27-years old, he’s the oldest rookie in the 2011 class.

*He hails from San Antonio, Texas.

*Played his college basketball at Cisco JC, L.A. Southwest JC, Cal State San Bernardino and Oregon but bounced because his coach did not renew his scholarship due to “anger management issues.” He was a Political Science Major. Um, cool!

*He’s banned from the Korean Basketball League, FOREVER.

*Played in the NBA D-League in 2010-2011 before entering the league. Was named All-NBA D-League First Team, NBA D-League All-Defensive Second Team and NBA D-League All-Star.

*Always Plays with a diamond grill.

*Previously played in Puerto Rico for Caciques de Humacao.

H/N TBJ + Grantland

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