Bryant Gumbel Really Goes There

Really Bryant Gumbel??? I mean really?

I love the league as much as the next guy, but if you think I’m gonna feel sorry for billionaire owners and millionaire players so I can see a full 82 game schedule on my calendar when there are people starving in the streets, ya dead wrong as Biggie would say.

However Bryant Gumbel would, did and he even attempted to draw parallels between David Stern and  “a modern plantation oversee” when he tackled the lockout topic on his crappy HBO show. You would think after more than a decade in the media Gumbel would know the difference between a social injustice and already rich people pay cheques being held, but apparently it’s all the same to our hero.

Like a rare lunar eclipse, YouTube actually birthed the best remark about the situation from user wEEman33 in the comment section who said “Pretty sure “slaves” didn’t get paid $400,000+ a year to run around chasing an inflatable ball in air-conditioned arenas.”

Boom! That’s the reality for our basketball loving @sses. Rich people are fighting and we are caught in the cross fire. Nothing more, nothing less. I’m pretty sure they won’t try to hide this event from us in history class, so lets not go all slavery tip on this one Bryant Gumbel you need to relax dude.

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