Live Like Kenyon Martin For $2.6M

As it turns out, Kenyon Martin plays hard and lives exquisitely. For the bargain basement price of $2.6 million, you to can live like K-Mart too my friends. As the YouTube ad states.

This exquisite Greenwood Village Estate is located on 2.39 acres and features gorgeous unobstructed views of the snow capped Rocky Mountains. The elegant floor plan flows perfectly and lends itself to entertaining with the finest of finishes. Offered at 2.6 million,what are you waiting for, it’s all right here!

Besides the few extra million I’ll lack — this lifetime. Yeah, what am I waiting for??? I bet this house comes with a bunch of extra hidden stuff like a tattoo parlor, Bob Huggins shrine and Trina freestyle tapes she hasn’t picked up yet since the split. At any rate, I bet the open house for this house will have a killer spread.

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