Nash Interested In Overseas Options

If theirs one player in the league that would be a hand in glove fit to transition his game over to the Euroleague during the lockout, its globetrotting Steve Nash who’s been everywhere and is from everywhere. When asked by Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic about his lockout plans, Nash expressed his fitting euro interest.

“I’d love to play overseas,” Nash wrote. “It may be difficult with three kids but I’d love to do it.”

Making matters even sweeter for potential teams interested in his services across the pond, is the fact that Nash also carries a British passport. That’s important, because players with passports or dual citizenship help European clubs around the two American players per team rule.

“He’d be ready to roll,” Nash’s agent, Bill Duffy, said. “I’ve talked to him about it in the past. He’s a worldwide traveler and maverick. He’s committed to playing for the Suns but it’s not up to him. If it looks like the season’s going to be shut down, everyone’s going to be looking for work.”

This Euroleague thing is getting more interesting by the second my dear Watson.

H/N Arizona Republic

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