Carmelo Anthony Does Jimmy Fallon

Employees of the New York Knicks have a lot of down time on their hands, thanks to the Celtics. So between the golf courses, fishing holes, and exotic islands. Expect to see some of the more popular Knickerbockers doing the talk show circuit.

Days after his appearance on The View with his wife LaLa Vasquez. Carmelo Anthony blessed the Late Night with Jimmy Fallon show by his presence and the two fashionable gents chopped it up about Brooklyn, video games, Squiggly balloons, Tracy Morgan, the playoffs (briefly) and the history of ladies shot put amongst other things.

Once the question answer segment was through. The really fun started as Fallon and Melo dueled it out, in a high pressure game of random object tossing into an eight foot basket. As it turns out, Fallon can really hurl a hand mixer with a long cord in the clutch.

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