Why Barbosa Is Not A Jerk

Friday night’s Raptors game against the Indiana Pacers had an island feel to it. From the national anthems being preformed by Al Foster and Earl LaPierre Jr. using steel drums, to all the reggae and calypso tracks that played throughout the whole game over the PA. However, everything was not irie because Leandro Barbosa wanted to settle a score that at first looked like him just being a jerk.

With victory guaranteed for the Raptors in the dying minutes of the game, Barbosa went in for a layup with more time on the shot clock than on the game clock which is a big time unwritten rule no-no when you’re blowing the other team out. To the untrained eye, it was the actions of a jerk, but to those of us that remember the last time the two teams met in Indiana with the shoe on the other foot. This was revenge served cold at its best.

In the post game interviews Danny Granger was pretty mad about the incident, saying to The Score; “If I was on him, I would have taken his head off and I would have been suspended for a game for a flagrant foul. Stuff like that will set in the back of your head the next time we play Toronto. We don’t play them again but I was on him, I would have taken his neck off.”

Really, Batman??? Well if that’s the case, I guess the saying “People who live in glass bat caves should not throw stones” doesn’t apply to you either.

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