Shaq Does Boston Common

Huge Celtics fan Maria Menounos recently interviewed Shaquille O’Neal for Boston Common magazine and the two Bostonians rapped about Beantown’s likability, the comparison between him and Wilt Chamberlain, the best coach he ever played for and his plans to attend law school.

Take it away Maria!

How do you like Boston so far?
I love Boston; the people are very hospitable. It’s a great town. That’s why I decided to come here.

How do you compare to Wilt?
The power was there, the scoring ability was there. But I’ve won more championships than he did. In the end it’s all up for discussion—who was better or who was more powerful. I’m just happy that my name will be mentioned in that category.

Which coach most influenced you, Pat Riley or Phil Jackson?
Phil Jackson. He helped me to stay focused. Phil has probably been the most influential coach ever.

Looking at your career—the platinum record, Olympic medal, world championships, movies—you’ve done pretty much everything. Is there anything left that you want to do?
Believe it or not, I’m actually thinking about going to law school.

Riveting stuff indeed. Happy birthday Shaq!


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