LeBron James Gets A Cartoon Series

Animated decisions have been made and LeBron James will get his very own cartoon series titled “The LeBrons,” starring his alter-egos the youthful and wide-eyed Kid LeBron; the physically adept Athlete LeBron; the smooth and savvy Business LeBron; and an ornery elder statesman called Wise LeBron. That’s 100% of all the LeBrons Dan Gilbert doesn’t fancy.

“I’m mostly a kid at heart,” said LeBron. Mr. James said of these manifestations, “and I’m the athlete, of course, that everyone sees. But I also have a business side, a cool side, and I love antique stuff and classical music. I guess that’s the old man side of me.”

Scheduled for release online this spring, LeBron James will also voice the Business LeBron character in the series, somewhat inspired by Fat Albert and The Boondocks that will run 10 episodes deep. Plummeting LBJ “Q” ratings be damned, this is gonna be some funny ish — I’m looking at you Cleveland cartooners.

Check out the trailer.

Get all of the future episodes here.

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