Shaquille O’Neal Conducts The Boston Pops

I had no idea who The Boston Pops was and I assumed that they were a group signed to the classical division of Young Money or Roc Nation records like every artist that comes out these days. Upon further review, Lil’ Wayne and Jay Z have nothing to do with them (shockingly) and in fact they are a legit Orchestra with a great sense of humor.

How great of a sense of humor you ask Peter? Well they decided to have Shaquille O’Neal make his conducting debut in “Sleigh Ride”, as part of a holiday Pops Concert, that took place at Boston’s Symphony Hall.

Yup, they’re silly like that! After watching this performance, I’m positive that LTD, Farley Flex and Maestro Fresh-Wes all shed a collective tear.

Familiarize / culture yourself with that Canadian hip-hop reference after the jump.

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