Anti-LeBron James Art

The emotion LeBron James sparked by announcing he was going to Miami was mostly anger, especially in the Cleveland. Next week “The King” will return home as a visitor for the first time in his career, and both the league and the Cavs organization are already trying to make sure the Quicken Loans Arena doesn’t turn into an ugly situation by banning anti-LeBron apparel and signs from the arena before the game.

But I wonder if they’ll screen fans for LeBron James zombie art too?

Created by Cleveland based artist Oliver Barrett, “The King Is Dead” is an illustration he made after the now famous “I’m taking my talents to South Beach” speech. The image depicts LeBron as a decaying human that seems unaware of his current state of sudden deterioration and implies that the decision LeBron made to leave Cleveland was an uncalculated  career killer.

At first glance, it might seem as though this piece is suggesting LeBron James the man is ending, however the message Barrett is sending is that the legacy of LeBron James, may be coming to a close.

More art from Oliver Barrett here.

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