Leonsis Hits His Dougie

Last week on his blog, Ted Leonsis said “When we have a total paid sellout this season, I will do the “Dougie” – I promise,” being the astute┬ábusinessman that he is, Leonsis showed off said Dougie at WTOP to wet the appetite of D.C. area Dougie enthusiasts that might now be compelled to visit the Verizon Center ticket sales office.

Even the sexy Miami Heat are having a hard time selling out games so far, but Leonsis is all about trying to entertain the fans and hitting his Dougie for his tight bredren John Wall the Dougie expert.

“This is the entertainment business, and I enjoy watching John Wall do his Dougie, and so I promised I’d have his back,” Leonsis said. “I went online, I was able to get a whole bunch of videos and I can start to do the shoulder thing. The hip shaking needs a little bit of work.”

I’m no expert, but the “shoulder thing” needs work too. I’m just sayin’…

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