Of Course Iverson Missed His Flight


Allen Iverson and responsibility have never been good friends, several times in the past they have tried to arrange meetings in Denver, Detroit, Memphis and Philadelphia, but they just keep missing each other. The latest meeting responsibility and Iverson planned was in Istanbul, but that meeting was delayed too because Iverson missed his plane to join his new team in Turkey.

According to the Twitter account of NBA TV Türkiye and NTV SPOR play-by-play announcer and Milliyet columnist Ismail Senol, the euro debut of Iverson with Besiktas Cola Turka will have to wait until Monday. Surprise!

This whole Euroleague thing still seems like a bad idea from the start because Iverson seems to think that he can play himself back into the NBA with this tour of duty overseas and doesn’t realize that no general manager will sign him to a deal until he a responsibility finally meet up and have a very long discussion.

We all know he has skill, it’s the other things about A.I. we are still not sure of.

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