Iverson Could Play In Turkey, No Jive


Oh My lanta! Has it really all come down to playing in Turkey for Allen Iverson? According to ESPN, Iverson and Turkish team Besiktas Cola Turka are in serious talks to revive the career of Iverson overseas for the sum of $2 million (U.S) per year.

“We are in very serious negotiations with [Besiktas],” Iverson’s manager Gary Moore told Yahoo! Sports. “Istanbul is beautiful from everything we’ve learned. It’s not that far from the U.S., and the competition is good, which makes it all attractive. Allen wants to play basketball.”

Allen Iverson spends his offseason in Atlanta and has called ATL home for many years. Since making the move to sunny Georgia, Allen Iverson has played for Denver, Detroit, Memphis and Philadelphia. I’m no geography major, but all those places seem way closer to Atlanta, Georgia and last I checked, they don’t even require a passport for entry.

Saying that Turkey is close to Atlanta, is like saying Allen Iverson doesn’t want to play in the NBA again to score a billion points a game. Let’s see how this international mystery plays out.

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