Served: A 2K11 Stat Plea Gets Got By Josh McRoberts

When payday rolls around. I fully plan to cop NBA 2K11 and lose myself into its beautiful sea of pixels. First I’m going to test the digital awesomeness of the Miami Heat because I want to see just how good Dwyane Wade and LeBron James are in the game, since they share the highest rating with Kobe Bryant at 97.

Immediately after I take down a weak team with the Heat, I’m going to play as the Pacers because Josh McRoberts is rated as the lowest starter in the game with a 54 rating and that’s a real dubious digital distinction I want to put to the test. I bet McRoberts had that on his mind when he went reverse on this Darren Collinson miss for the highlight worthy dunk — I know I would.

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