Hey Euroleague Logo, That’s A Bad Idea

The Euroleague decided to change their logo to include their new sponsor Turkish Airlines and now the Euroleague, will be referred to as the Turkish Airlines Euroleague for the next five years. If you think that sounds like a terrible idea, that’s because it is young Skywalker.

The new logo for the Turkish Airlines Euroleague was unveiled in Barcelona during a special ceremony and the fact that this league had to sell its soul for sponsorship makes me physically ill. I think it’s only good business to sell ad space on the jerseys of the teams in the league, because it’s worked so well in soccer.

However, would the English Premier League, La Liga or Serie A ever do this with their logos? Not on your life! I understand that the financial realities for the Euroleague is different from the richer NBA, but even if the league suffers a damaging lock out and goes into the casual fans doghouse — you’ll never see the NBA sponsored by anybody else but the silhouette of Jerry West.

Hit Ctrl + Z on this bad idea Euroleague, please.

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