Freshly Dipped: Dr. Dre & LeBron James ‘Power Beats’ Ad

Available long before the “Detox” album ever will. Dr. Dre had some help from LeBron James to introduce the “Power Beats” wrap around the ear headphones to everyone’s comedic delight thanks to funny man Affion Crockett.

If you were paying attention, last week LeBron James mentioned via Twitter that he shot an ad for the commercial. “Just wrapped my commercial shoot for my new product, “Power Beats” by Dre. Me, Dr.Dre and Affion Crockett,” LeBron tweeted. “Coming to a store near u.”

Only in a commercial could somebody wear the tee Affion Crockett rocks at the end and avoid the LBJ wrath. P.S. Dr. Dre, why are you so huge dude?

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