Steve Nash Debuts His Film At TIFF

Steve Nash made his directorial debut at the Toronto International Film Festival, premiering his hour-long Terry Fox documentary “Into the Wind” co-directed by his cousin Ezra Holland then stuck around to talk about being a first time film director, sports and what Terry Fox meant to him.

“I remember being a six-year-old boy and waking up every morning and rushing to the TV to see where Terry was that day,” Nash has said. “To see his face hiding the pain and to hear his words disguising the sacrifice was as motivating and as educational an experience as I’ve ever had.”

In 1980 Terry Fox, with one leg amputated due to cancer attempted to run across Canada to raise money and awareness for cancer research worldwide. After 143 days and 5,373 kilometers, Fox ended his journey because the cancer spread and ultimate caused his death. Many Canadians still regard Terry Fox as one of the counties greatest athletes. Today, over $500 million (CAN) has been raised in his name towards cancer research.

After the jump, watch the Into the Wind trailer and here is a link to the Terry Fox Foundation if you would like to make a donation.

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