Chandler Carries Turkey’s Special Olympics Torch

The good stuff players in the league do, is a huge part of my motivation to continue this blog. I figure since I have a good-sized audience (thanks to all of you), I feel like it’s my duty to find and share as much of the good stuff players in the league do to make people realize that the NBA has some of the best character athletes in the world.

And Tyson Chandler is one of those good character guys. You would think that Chandler would be all business in Turkey trying to help the USA win the FIBA World Championships, but wherever he goes goodwill follows.

On a little down time, Chandler gave back to the Turkish community kind enough to host the tournament, by carrying the torch to commemorate the start of Turkey’s Special Olympics.

“This is an incredible honor,” Chandler said. “I definitely didn’t think that I’d ever be doing this … Not in my wildest dreams did I ever think that anything like this would happen. To be able to carry a torch to start off something like this that’s so special to the Turkish people, and for them to allow me to be a part of it, is an incredible honor.

“I know what we do in the States is special, so I know how the kids here get joy out of it — when you take the time to pay attention and pay attention to the things that they are accomplishing,” Chandler said.

Well played Mr. Chandler!

H/N Pegasus News

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