Wear A LeBron Jersey To An Indians Game At Your Own Risk


Wanna potential get slapped by everybody in a stadium? Well, here’s what you do. Buy a LeBron James Miami Heat jersey or alter a Mario Chalmers one and wear it to a Cleveland Indians game like you have no idea that it’ll upset the locals.

That’s what this dude did and to avoid being slapped by every scorned Cavs fan in the stadium, he had to get escorted out of Progressive Field by the 5th inning because folks started to throw¬†peanuts, beer cups, boos and vicious insults at LeDouchebag looking for a LeBeat down. Even the Yankee fans in attendance were hating on LeIdiot.

But the fun didn’t stop once he left the stadium since this LeNerd stood out like an elephant in Cleveland or better yet — a guy wearing a LeBron James jersey in Cleveland.

More of this LeFool after the jump. BTW, both videos are LeNSFW due to profanity.

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