Jeremy Lin Kool-Aid For Everyone

Until a few weeks ago, I had no idea who the heck Jeremy Lin was. Now I’m fully informed and turbo impressed that dude wasn’t drafted by anyone.

To be fair, NBA scouts normally don’t look for draft prospects playing at Harvard, but somehow the skilled 6’3′, 200 lbs guard caught the eye of the Dallas Mavericks, ended up on their summer league squad, stole some highlights from John Wall, impressed other teams with his play and now he’ll be rewarded with a contract from his favorite team growing up in California, the Golden State Warriors.

So am I drinking the Jeremy Lin Kool-Aid? Absolutely, because this dude has that kinda game on ball defenders hate. He’s athletic, attacks the bucket, finishes strong, possess silly range and if you watch close he even has a bit of swag to him too.

Maybe he won’t be an all-star, but in a Nellie offense I expect him to make 29 other teams regret not moving in on him sooner.

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