Charles Oakley Beat Down By Vegas Casino Security


Casino security at Aria 1 – Charles Oakley 0. After this fiasco, I can’t imagine Oakley will be going to a casino any time soon. Fortunately, will be able to help Oakley to bet from the comfort of his own home.

What happens in Vegas usually stays in Vegas, unless you’re a former NBA tough guy that gets his arm broken by hotel security. Oh snap is right! Sometimes it’s safer to gamble online so check out this genesis casino bonus.

Unfortunately for Oak, for no real clear reason yet. Toy cops at the Aria Hotel & Casino in Sin City apparently beat him down twice and broke his arm in the process. Nicole Tucker (, the Executive Casino Host at Caesar’s Palace was there to witness the beatin’ first hand and tweeted: “@CharlesOakley34 Oak got jumped at Aria not once but twice by security…wow”

Charles Oakley Beat Down By Vegas Casino Security

Then she posted these pics above of Oakley in the hospital with a broken arm sporting and neck brace. Some people just want to gamble without any hassle or problems with pesky security. Thankfully there is something out there for people like this. Using a casino phone, like Dream Palace, users can enjoy their favorite slot and table games from their mobile device with no security to be seen! Surely somewhere Tyrone Hill is getting his steady LMFAO on, after reading this.

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