Jordan vs Jordan Gatorade Ad Recreated In NBA 2K10


The big buzz over the last few days in the sports gaming world has been the rumor that Michael Jordan will grace the cover of 2K11. However, we will all have to wait until E3 next month to get final confirmation. That’s pretty awesome news for all gamers, but what’s even awesomer is what Youtube user MessenjahMatt did with Michael Jordan in NBA 2K10 to recreate the famous Jordan vs Jordan Gatorade from nearly 8 years ago.

As he explains, “only a couple things had to be changed from the original commercial, like old MJ’s uniform, the court, and a couple wide angle shots that aren’t possible to get in the practice arena’s replay mode.”

The attention to detail used to put together and edit this video is absolutely amazing! If the people at 2K Sports haven’t already approached this guy with a lifetime supply of NBA 2K games and products. They are off their rockers!

After the jump, enjoy the original 23 vs. 39 commercial.

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