José Mourinho vs. Steve Nash

You probably have no idea who José Mário dos Santos Félix Mourinho is, but he’s the cocky manager of Inter Milan who will take the pitch against Bayern Munich in the Champions League final at Madrid’s Bernabeu Stadium on Saturday.

Over that last few days before the big match takes place, Mourinho has stated that he believes the Champions League title is bigger than the World Cup and he also believes that Steve Nash doesn’t know diddly about soccer. Say what???

Of course by now you already know Nash is a huge soccer fan and when he was asked about the outcome of Saturday’s mega game, Nash kinda spoke ill of Inter’s style of play and then Mourinho struck back as only he could at Kid Canada.

“When I read comments by many real football people they understood how well we played that game and how much credit the players deserve. When I read some comments from some, I don’t want to say stupid people . . . For example, I read a comment from one of the best basketball players in the NBA, Steve Nash. He was saying that Inter could play that game with 10 goalkeepers. Fortunately, he plays basketball. He understands nothing about football.”

Don’t hold back or anything Mourinho. For the record I’m taking Inter to win, but that doesn’t mean I think Mourinho isn’t a bastard.

H/N The Times

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