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Ginobili’s surge continues in Spurs’ win
Manu Ginobili doesn’t presume to know what it’s like to be Tracy McGrady. Ginobili has had injuries, but not a knee injury. He’s had surgery, but not microfracture. He’s missed months, but not an entire season.

Still, after watching McGrady feel his way around the AT&T Center in a New York Knicks jersey Wednesday night, during what became a 97-87 Spurs victory, Ginobili could sympathize with what McGrady was going through. This is what it looks like when a former star is just trying to be a basketball player again.

“He’s coming from a way worse situation than me,” Ginobili said. “It’s not an easy spot to be.”

The same McGrady who once scored 13 points in 33 seconds against the Spurs managed only six in 25 minutes Wednesday. If McGrady could take anything out of his 10th game of the season, it is this: People once wondered whether Ginobili could ever be Ginobili again, too…
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Spurs Best Knicks
Manu Ginobili scored 28 points in the San Antonio Spurs’ 97-87 victory Wednesday night over the New York Knicks, who clinched a franchise-record ninth consecutive losing season.

Ginobili kept carrying the Spurs after scoring 38 in a loss Monday at Cleveland, thriving again in his second start since Tony Parker’s broken right hand thrusted Ginobili off the bench. He’s likely to stay there the rest of the season.

Tim Duncan had 18 for the Spurs, who have won five of six. David Lee led the Knicks with 21 points and 10 rebounds…

Standing still, Richard Jefferson struggles
With apologies to Manu Ginobili, when the Spurs acquired Richard Jefferson fans were expecting more than a (sometimes solid) bench player. Starting alongside Duncan and Parker, Jefferson was suppose to help move the Spurs to the top of the standings.

The only movement Jefferson has seen so far this season, however, is his name up and down the lineup card. For much of this season Jefferson has been stationary in the corner, as if he were Bruce Bowen or Sean Elliott before him…
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