Rasheed Wallace Fined, You Are Not Surprised

Rasheed Wallace being fined by the NBA is about as surprising as “The Rock” making a bad movie. Seriously dude, we wanna see more peoples elbow into someones chest and less of you in terrible PG situations. So it’s no shocker that Sheed got choke slammed with a $35K fine for criticizing refs, after the Celtics took an L against the visiting Mavericks on Monday 99-90.

“[The officials] don’t like tough defense on [Dirk Nowitzki], so, of course, I get a whole lot of [expletive] calls,” Wallace said after Monday’s game in which foul trouble limited his minutes. “That’s how the story goes, I’m not worried about it. We’ll see them again.”

Yes Stu Jackson Sheed can certainly smell what your cooking, too bad to he likes it.

via ESPN

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