Follow Gilbert Arenas And Avoid A Whuppin

Long story short, Gilbert Arenas and Shaquille O’Neal have a rumored messy beef because Shaq is supposedly helping himself to Laura Govan who is the pregnant fiancée of Agent Zero. And oh yeah it gets worse, the child on the way is Gilbert’s and Shaq’s wife Shaunie, obviously ain’t so cool with that hence the pending divorce. Like I said, it’s messy.

Anyway, by popular demand the Hibachi is set to join Twitter, but only after he gets one million followers. Which is iconic, because he already joined by releasing a message on TwitVid to drum up followers and to take a coded swipe a Shaq.

Maybe this is the reason Shaq mysteriously sat out when the Cavs played the Wiz earlier this week. Besides Nick Young, who the hell really wants a belt whuppin??

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