Stephen Jackson Fined $25K

Last year, the Golden State Warriors finished with a record of 29 – 53 after a few losing key free-agents, a few trades, and one moped accident.

Now Stephen Jackson no longer wants to be marooned on No Chance In The West Island and wants to play for a new crew. The only problem is that Captain Jack decided to shout his trade demand from the mast of his shipwrecked boat instead of just telling his parrot.

Yesterday, the league fined Jackson $25,000 for his public statements calling them “detrimental to the NBA”,  when he told Dime Magazine that he would like to play for “Cleveland, one of the Texas teams or New York”.

I’m not too sure if Stephen Jackson issued a response to the huge fine yet, but I’d image that if he did. His response included the words “blarney”  and “blast” several times.

Via San Francisco Chronicle

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