Jordan Says Stop Looking For Next Jordan

Today Michael Jordan took his place in the Hall of Fame, but that won’t stop people from looking for the next MJ. Since Jordan entered the league, every athletic 6’6″ guard that could dunk a ball has been compared to his airness in some shape, form or fashion. Jordan says, stop that.

“Don’t be too in a rush to try to find the next Michael Jordan,” he said. “There’s not gonna be another one.”

Jordan wouldn’t say that he was the best player of all time, but does believe that he’s one of a kind.

“I never played against Jerry West,” he continued. “I never played against Elgin Baylor or Wilt Chamberlain. Yeah, I would’ve loved to. But to say that I’m better than those guys is not for me to decide. It’s too much for me to ask and too much for me to accept.”

I couldn’t agree more Mike!


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