Marbury Gets Into An Accident With The Devil

As long as Stephon Marbury has a camera in front of him, something awesome will happen I promise you!

On yesterdays episode of Starbury TV, our hero Marbury was again streaming awesomeness to the world, this time from the backseat of his chauffeur driven car when they got hit by another vehicle while making a u-turn.

But wait, it gets better.

Marbury then tells his driver (Reggie) to just keep rollin’ because he knows who hit them, The Devil! Yes the Devil, who was probably driving a prototype convertible yellow Hummer with the top down and had the wind blowing through his red horns.

Damn you and your no-defensive driving, large carbon foot print havin’, evil soul reapin’ ways Beelzebub!

So did Marbury and Reggie do the right thing by bouncing from the scene of the accident? Hell yeah! Would you want to deal with The Devil’s insurance company?

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