Jordan Crawford Speaks About Serving LeBron

Unless you’ve been living rent free under a rock with no access to illegal solar powered cable. You have already heard the tale of Jordan Crawford and his dunk on LeBron James that sprung Nike executives into action to block the footage from seeing the light of day. Supposedly¬†this dunk was as good as everybody is hyping it up to be and the fact that LeBron James hasn’t even commented on it yet, makes it seem like it was the unicorn of dunks.

If I was Jordan Crawford I would be happy if this dunk never gets out. As long as it remains a secret, it will remain relevant and that can’t hurt the Jordan Crawford legend. This dunking tale is right up there with those old school cats that could grab quarters of the top of the backboard and drop 70 points in a half at Rucker Park.

Plus lets be honest, you never even knew Jamal Crawford had a brother that played ball until this story dropped anyway.

To see Jordan Crawford in action, check it out after the jump.

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