Kidd Is A Wanted Man

There will be a new bad guy to deal with when the Mavericksopen their pursuit of re-signing Jason Kidd on Wednesday. The New York Knicks are expected to join the ranks of serious competitors for Kidd’s services for two reasons. First, it is widely known that Kidd has an affinity for New York. He still has a home there and enjoys the area. He played for New Jersey for 6 1/2 seasons before being traded to Dallas in 2008. Secondly, the Knicks are going to start stockpiling assets to help lure LeBron James next summer. Having Kidd as their point guard, even at age 37 in 2010, would be a nice selling point. Wednesday is when teams officially can begin talking to free agents, and Kidd is expected to get overtures from several teams: Cleveland, Portland, Boston, New York and perhaps the Lakers.

Dallas Morning News

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