Will A.I. F.O?

Okay, getting traded to Detroit really sucked and the fact that Chauncey Billups has been money in Denver hasn’t helped things out for A.I. But retirement???

Will Allen Iverson play in the NBA next season? At this point, the answer appears to be no. Iverson, who turns 34 in June, still has scoring skills, but he demonstrated in Detroit that he’s unwilling to alter his ball-dominating role for the good of his team. When asked to come off the bench for the Pistons late in the season, Iverson chose to stop playing and left the team. Add the fact that Denver made enormous improvements after trading Iverson for Chauncey Billups and it’s tough to imagine a team that would see Iverson as an asset.

There is no way, Allen Iverson will be sitting on a couch next season retired. On an NBA bench — perhaps.

Via Daily Herald

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