The Magic Are For Real

The Orlando Magic have used their size to make life really difficult for the Cleveland Cavaliers and Mo Williams would definitely agree to that statement. 

“Williams said the elbow he took to the face from Anthony Johnson was “most definitely” a cheap shot. Williams was injured in the first half when Johnson’s elbow hit the Cavs point guard under his left eye. Williams was assessed a foul on the play and Johnson was called for a flagrant foul.”

The Cavs want to win, but they don’t want to get hit. The physical play of the Orlando Magic has straight up taken the Cavaliers off their game and it’s made Clevland look human even at home. But the elbow that Mo Williams got upside the head was kinda uncalled for. If Williams needed any more motivation to up his game in the eastern finals, Anthony Johnson gave it to him Sunday.

Via Orlando Sentinel

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