Will The Pistons Break Up The Band?

The Pistons have been doomed since the Allen Iverson trade and now the off season has begun for the Pistons thanks to a Cleveland hammering in the playoffs and Joe Dumars has to officially break up the band like Destiny’s Child. 

The Pistons will likely undergo a major roster overhaul in the off-season as this season is just not acceptable to a franchise used to battling for Eastern Conference supremacy. Besides,Antonio McDyess, Rasheed Wallace, Kwame Brown and Allen Iverson are all unrestricted free agents. Iverson is a goner with Wallace likely out, too. McDyess’ future is a little more up in the air. It’s Brown’s option whether he will stay or not, but with a $4 million contract guaranteed, it’s hard to see him finding that kind of deal anywhere else in this economy and with many teams looking to shed salary. Walter Herrmann and Will Bynum are restricted free agents. It’s hard to see Herrmann back, but it’s the team’s option on Bynum and he’s expected back. As for Michael Curry, it appears he will return for a second season despite presiding over this transition season. He has two years left on the $2.5 million per year deal he signed last year when he became a rookie head coach. As for the rest of the roster, Joe Dumars will likely be very active this summer in free agency, so it remains to be seen what other players may be moved.

For the record, Chauncey Billups was like Beyonce.

Via Detroit Free Press

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