Carlos Cabezas To The Knicks?

The NBA is still in love with the idea of grabbing serviceable players from Europe and that trend should continue or grow given the economic state of  — well, everything these days. So it’s no surprise that teams have their eyes on veteran Spanish floor general Carlos Cabeza, but does that include the Knicks who desperately need a quality point guard is the question.

“A report yesterday that free-agent-to-be Spanish point guard Carlos Cabezas has a standing offer from the Knicks is false, according to a source who spoke to the player yesterday. However, the European source said the Knicks are monitoring Cabezas’ situation, and it’s very possible the Knicks will allow restricted free agent Nate Robinson to flee and fill the gap with a cheaper backup point guard from Europe.”

Where there’s smoke there’s fire, so this is probably an attempt by Carlos Cabezas and his agent to gauge their value on the NBA free agent market. Will Carlos Cabezas play for the Knicks? I don’t know. Will Carlos Cabezas look to get paid the most for a game he would play for free? Hell yeah.

Via NY Post

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